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    Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

Conveyor Belt Metal Detector


 Food Security Detector Conveyor Belt Metal Detector



Food Security Metal Detector is is mainly used for detecting the metal chips inside the nuts,rice,tea and wood processing industry etc. Besides it can also be used for the detection of metallic impurities in chemicals, rubber, plastics, textiles, leather, chemical fiber, toys as well as for the detection of metallic impurities in pharmaceuticals, health products, biological products, cosmetics, gifts, packaging, papers, and so on.




1.Dual-loop circuit design, it can detect ferrous and non-ferrous and other metal objects, the sensitivity can be adjusted separately, with memory function can be stored 10 kinds of test material.

2.Detector with audible and visual alarm, and automatically exclude, stop, rewind functions, user-friendly menu, easy to operate touch screen. Machine made of stainless steel,anti-corrosion, no rust, easy to clean up.

3.Conveyor and pallet assembly used in the U.S. "FDA" standards of white non-toxic materials.

4.Detection accuracy over the corresponding provisions of HACCP system Detect indicators.

5.Can use with production line.


High sensitivity detection

1. using the detection circuit with specially high-performance design and with advanced digital signal processing algorithms. The actual detection proved that it reached the most advanced international level.
2. against the variety of detector products , with the learning functions of automatic identification. Overcome the effect of products material efficiently.
3. detection probe is designed specially and improved the detection sensitivity further. Improve the detection sensitivity.


Good stability

1. Adopting DSP, DDS and many other digital technology to process testing signal. Comparing with traditional simulation detector , it has the advantage of universal function, stable capability, high credibility.
2. Timber known, fine craft, solid structure, good-looking in appearance, durability.
3.main structure adopted international SUS304 manufacturing, the sandblasted surface treatment, good corrosion resistance, good-looking and easy to clean.




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